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Slot specs

  • Slot type: Video slot
  • Return to player (RTP): 96%
  • Paylines: 9
  • Reels: 5
  • Min. coins per line: 1
  • Max. coins per line: 1
  • Min. coins size: 0.02
  • Max. coins size: 5
  • Volatility: Very High
  • Launch: March 2005
  • Software: Novomatic

Book of Ra is a top-rated online slot game by Novomatic brought to the British players in their native language. Our website is exclusively tailored for the Book of Ra fans living in the UK. Uncover Book of Ra & Book of Ra Deluxe secrets, learn the rules, tricks, and best strategies. Become a member to take your Book of Ra skills to the next level.

Have you always been fascinated by the mysterious land of Egypt, its pyramids, sphinx and other landmarks? Have you always wondered what lies hidden beneath its sands and in the depths of the long lost tombs of its ancient rulers? If you have, you are in luck as the Book of Ra slot powered by Novomatic gives you a chance to discover it all and take home a decent chunk of the hidden treasures you discover.

The game was one of the first video slots to appear in live casinos back in the day, and it remains one of the most popular and beloved games in the world. Players who spend their time in slot clubs and live casinos around the world will be very familiar with Book of Ra while online players have mostly come across it as well.

With spectacular graphics, unique symbols and lots of heated action, the game’s multiple versions will take you on a quest of a lifetime. Learn all about the game and start playing this popular Gaminator title today without registration or risk at all.

Book of Ra Theme and Storyline

Book of Ra is one of the most popular video slots of all times, mostly due to its widespread presence in live casinos. The game features a theme that is both entertaining and suspenseful at the same time, putting the player on a dangerous quest of discovery. The game’s main character is an explorer who resembles Indiana Jones in many ways, although the game does not identify him, likely due to copyrights that may come into play.

The general style of the game is connected to ancient Egypt as symbols such as scarabs, sphinx, and sarcophagi all appear on its reels. The game’s wild and scatter symbol is an ancient and mysterious book that clearly holds all the secrets and is the object of the search conducted in the game.

Throughout gameplay, you will end up searching for these books and hoping to find as many as possible, with each new Book of Ra bringing you new winning opportunities. The suspenseful music and sounds of the game only make the entire quest even more thrilling as you can feel the mystery and danger looming in the air along with the promise of great rewards.

Book of Ra Rules and Gameplay

Like most slots, Book of Ra will have you connecting symbols from left to right along its paylines. Depending on whether you are playing Book of Ra Classic or Book of Ra Deluxe, you will be playing on 9 or 10 paylines, with some versions of the game allowing you to reduce the number of lines and play only 1, 3 or 5 paylines at a time.

The game’s paytable adapts to your current choice of bet per payline and the number of paylines you are playing. Whichever bet you choose, the rare symbols such as the Explorer pay the best, while royalty symbols like J, Q, K, and A offer lower but more frequent payouts.

The game’s scatter and a wild symbol, the Book of Ra itself, offers you a chance to activate 10 free spins, the game’s ultimate feature. The symbol also substitutes for all other symbols and gives you a chance at more payouts.

Book of Ra also offers a gamble feature, which will have you guessing the color of the next randomly generated card. Choose the right color and double your last win. This feature can be used up to five times every time you land a win, allowing you to increase small wins into substantial prizes. The feature is fair, and you will win exactly 50% of your gambles, making it an even money proposition and one that does not change the game’s RTP in any way.

Book of Ra Paytable

2 symbols
3 symbols
4 symbols
5 symbols
x2 + 10 Free Games
x20 + 10 Free Games
x2000 + 10 Free Games

Video tutorial

Slot features

Autoplay: yes
Bonus Rounds: no
Progressive: no
Wild Symbol: yes
Scatter Symbol: yes
Free Spins: yes
Multiplier: no
Jackpot: 25 000
Mobile: yes

Book of Ra Bet Size, RTP and Variance

Generally speaking, Book of Ra is not one of the higher paying Novomatic slots. Online casinos report the game as being set at 95.18% while the live version of the game is commonly found with an RTP of 92.13%. Some versions of the game offer different RTP percentages.

Book of Ra is a game with medium volatility, which means that wins are not too common but not too hard to come by either. The game does offer small wins every few spins and occasional massive wins as well.

When choosing between different alternatives of the game, be advised that Book of Ra Classic is somewhat more volatile than Book of Ra Deluxe. This is because the game is programmed to offer more big wins, but also fewer small wins.

Graphics, Sounds, and Animations

The graphics and animations in Book of Ra Classic are quite dated and were later polished up with the release of Book of Ra Deluxe. Both games offer similar looking symbols, but Book of Ra Deluxe does feature some additional animations and higher definition graphics that make it look more appealing.

The sounds in both games are quite similar. The background music is one you would expect to hear in a documentary about ancient Egypt, while a number of sounds that the slot makes when wins are awarded or free spins are activated add to the suspense.

Overall speaking, both the graphics and sounds of Book of Ra are quite simple, but they do their job well as they keep the player on his toes and keep gameplay interesting at all times.

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Wilds, Scatters and Free Spins

The book symbol is the single most important one you will see on the reels of the Book of Ra slot. The symbol acts as both wild and scatters, giving it incredible importance. When it appears on the reels, its first function is to substitute for all other symbols, connecting all paylines and making regular base game wins more likely.

The book symbol also acts as a scatter. When three or more books appear on the reels, regardless of their positions, a scatter pay is awarded, with 5 books awarding a 200x jackpot. In addition, 10 free spins are awarded the expanding symbol feature active.

When free spins are activated, a single symbol is selected to act as an expanding symbol. On each spin, every instance of the expanding symbol expands to cover the entire reel it is located on, making big wins easy to come by. Ideally, the special expanding symbol feature can pay up to 5.000x your bet, which is the game’s ultimate payout.

During free spins, book symbols become more frequent, and each time three or more books appear on the reels, 10 more free spins will trigger. Extra free spins are fairly common in Book of Ra, and more spins mean more chances at a major payout.

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Book of Ra Symbols - the meaning and value

Do you want to know more about the symbols featured in the Book of Ra slot? In that case, you have come to the right place!

Our guide presents all the information you need to know regarding the payouts, which is why it may be wise to keep it open when you start playing this slot. Before we begin, please note that we assumed you are playing the game with maximum available pay lines.

The Ten We are beginning with a symbol that has the lowest value in the game. It is not uncommon for slot machines to use card values as low-value symbols, and Book of Ra is no different. When you choose your preferred bet, the chances are you will land at least some 10s. Although the winnings are low, you can still get back half of your stake if you land three 10s on the screen. If you manage to get four 10s in a pay line, you can expect 2.5x winnings compared to your bet while five 10s yield 10x of the placed bet.

The Jack The next symbol is the jack card, which you will recognize by the big letter “J.” The symbol belongs to the same value category as the 10s. That means that Jack is among the lowest paying options in the table. The biggest winning you can expect is 10x your stake if you manage to land five “Js” on the board. Four jacks will get you 2.5x winnings while three jacks only get half of the default bet back, but that is still a better option than winning nothing at all.

The Queen The queen is in the same value class as 10s and jacks, which means you cannot be too happy when you see a “Q” on the board. The best option is to land five queens and multiply your stake ten times, but you can also get 2.5x of your default bet if you see four queens on the screen. Finally, three queens will return 50% of your stake, which means the payout table is identical as for 10s and Js. Naturally, the queens should appear on a payline to expect a win.

The King When it comes to playing cards, a King and an Ace have a higher value than 10s, Js, and Qs. Kings belong to the second worst paying category in the game, but since Book of Ra is a generous slot machine, even they can yield solid winnings. A King is featured in the form of a “K” on the screen, and if you notice five of them in a payline, it is time to be happy because you won 15x of your stake. Four kings are good news, too, as they bring 4x winnings while three Ks will return half of your bet.

The Ace The next symbol we are presenting is an Ace. You probably know it as the best card to get in some casino games, and it is not that bet to land several Aces in the Book of Ra either. You will recognize this symbol by the big “A” on the screen, and the winnings are the same as for a King. That means five Aces guarantee 15x of your default bet, which is a good deal for one of the lowest paying symbols in the game. Four aces on the same pay line will yield 4x the stake while three of them will return half of your wager.

Sacred Scarab Beetle A scarab beetle was deeply respected in ancient Egypt, and many people wore beetle amulets for protection and good luck. You can expect some good fortune from the sacred scarab beetle symbol in the Book of Ra slot, too. The rewards are the same as for the Golden Statue of Isis. That means five symbols will get you 75x your original stake, four beetles generate 10x winnings, and three beetles will bring a 3x return on your initial bet. If you see two Sacred Scarab Beetles in a pay line, expect to get half of your stake back.

Golden Statue of Isis We are now starting with symbols originally designed for this slot. In case you didn't know, Isis was a loved goddess in the religion of ancient Egypt. In Book of Ra, you will love if you land five of her status symbols on a pay line as that will generate 75x winnings. Four statues will give you 10x of your initial bet while three of these symbols on a single pay line bring 3x of your stake. You can even expect a return from two statue symbols, but they only get half of your initial wager back.

The Golden Pharaoh You probably know that Pharaohs were monarchs in ancient Egypt. They might not be the strongest symbol in the book of Ra, but if you manage to land five of these in a single payline, you will get an impressive 200x of your default stake. Landing four Golden Pharaoh symbols will bring 40x of the initial wager and three will return 4x of the original bet. In case you only see two of these symbols in the same payline, you can expect half of your stake.

The Explorer The time has come to meet the highest paying symbol in the game. If you are a fan of explorers, imagine yourself in the role of the Indiana Jones and start looking for the symbols featuring a handsome guy with a hat. If you manage to land five Explorer symbols in a single pay line, you will get 500x of your initial bet, which is impressive. Even four Explorers will yield 100x of the original stake while three of them will bring 10x of the original bet. A couple of these symbols in a pay line will secure you another free spin since they will return your initial stake.

The Golden Book of Ra The Golden Book of Ra is the scatter and the wild symbol in this game. If you manage to land at least three of these symbols in the same payline, you will turn on the bonus round, and the fun can start. The game will award you with 10 free spins, and a special feature symbol that can generate huge winnings for the lucky players. The Golden Book of Ra symbol also has a payout table with three symbols winning 18x of your original stake, and four symbols returning 180x of your initial bet. Expect a fantastic 1,800x of your stake if you nail five of these symbols in the same pay line!

History and Versions of the Game

Book of Ra has been Novomatic’s most recognizable game since its initial launch in 2005. Since then, the game was polished up and re-launched on two occasions as Book of Ra Deluxe was released in 2008 and Book of Ra Deluxe 6 was launched in 2015.

Novomatic also released a number of other Egyptian themed slots over the years, with slots such as Pharaoh’s Gold, Dynasty of Ra, Kingdom of Ra and Age of Pharaohs resembling Book of Ra in theme, style, and symbols they feature.

The initial re-launch of the game came in April 2008 with the release of Book of Ra Deluxe. This edition of the game brought improved graphics, an extra payline, and a more attractive overall appearance. The 2015 version of the game, Book of Ra Deluxe 6 added an extra reel to the slot, making even bigger wins possible and making the game’s jackpot absolutely amazing.

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Novomatic is known to be one of the best developers featured at land-based casinos, and now you can enjoy the exciting Deluxe Edition. While this game has a classic feel, it is one of the top-rated video slots found at leading casino sites, and you can begin your experience by previewing the demo mode before wagering.

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This gaming machine is one of the more popular selections that have been developed by Novomatic, one of the respected creators of slot games that are often featured in land casinos. Now, you can enjoy spinning the reels on your desktop or mobile device.

Final Verdict (pros vs cons)

Book of Ra is one of the most popular video slots in the world for a reason. The game offers great winning opportunities, an interesting theme and lots of suspenseful gameplay that makes every spin worth your time. Even without winning the jackpot, players can win plenty of solid awards with the game’s free spins that tend to award handsomely due to the expanding wild feature.

Everyone who plays slots knows that every slot can make you a bit richer if you get lucky, but Book of Ra is especially good at this as its very high payouts in free spins can make a real difference. Unlike many low volatility slots that tend never to pay high, this one can actually give you a win you will not forget soon.

Book of Ra can be played for some pretty high stakes and the higher you bet, the more chance there is that you will strike a massive payout and be able to walk away with cash loaded pockets. Without a doubt, Book of Ra remains one of the finest games to play for novice and expert players alike even in the modern saturated slots market.

  • Easy to play
  • Fun theme and very suspenseful
  • Massive top payouts available
  • Lots of free spins rounds
  • Can be played for various stakes
  • Graphics are slightly outdated
  • Additional bonus rounds would be fun

Our verdict is that this video slot is a top game for newcomers and experienced players alike. With an extremely exciting bonus feature and a chance to win 5.000x your initial bet, Book of Ra certainly offers something for everyone. The game’s well-crafted symbols and animations make it a thrill to play for all players, and while we would not mind seeing a graphics update, this is mostly because the game has been around for so long that we have grown too accustomed to its looks and gameplay.

Book of Ra Alternatives


What makes Book of Ra so popular?

This famous Novomatic slot was made popular back in the day when there were fewer slot machines available. However, it stuck around through the years due to its impressive payouts, simple gameplay, and nostalgia that lives in many older gamblers who will never really forget about the appeal of this slot as they have many fond memories of it.

Can I play Book of Ra online?

The slot is available in both brick and mortar casino establishments around the world and many online casinos. Find an online casino that features Novomatic and Gaminator games, and you will be able to play its various versions online instantly.

Can I play on my mobile?

Yes. While Book of Ra was not originally a mobile casino game, its developers created the mobile version in later years and made it possible to play on cellphones and tablet devices.

Can I play for free?

If you are looking to play Book of Ra for free, you are in luck. You will not need to register or deposit any money in order to play the game online. In fact, you will not even need to leave our site as we offer all versions of this popular Novomatic issue for free play right here. Simply load them up in your internet browser and start playing with practice money now.

What is different about Book of Ra Deluxe?

Book of Ra Deluxe is an updated version of the original game. While the original had 9 paylines, the Deluxe version has 10 paylines and modern graphics. These are really the only differences between the two versions.

How much can I win?

If you play Book of Ra for real money, there is really no limit to how much you can win. The game’s ultimate jackpot is paid out during free spins when five expanding explorer symbols appear on the reels. This payout is worth 5.000x your total bet and the higher you are betting, the more valuable this payout will be.

Can I play with a bonus?

Online casinos are known to give out many bonuses, and players can use these to play Book of Ra slots. Sign up with one of the online casinos that offer this game and find out what bonuses are available to new slots players.